Public Service

Today, I am feeling very proud of myself! After not sleeping very well last night and then spending all day in different meetings, I came home around 5 pm – and still had the energy to perform a public service: I killed a cockroach that was lurking in the hallway outside my apartment!

At first I thought it was a cicada because they are of a similar size and colour, and never before have I seen a cockroach sitting on a wall about two meters off the ground. So I checked twice before picking up the glass cleaning fluid and liberally spraying the insect with it until it died. This doesn’t seem like much of work, but I probably saved this building from potentially 400 more cockroaches this summer – which yes, I consider a public service even if it happened right in front of my own apartment.

Now I should do a bit more hunting inside my apartment. Last Sunday, just when I was about to go out, I discovered a gecko in my office. I don’t mind them very much, in fact they are rather cute and I think they have very intelligent faces. However, it would surely be better for the both of us I can find it and put it outside again. This is now the second gecko entering my apartment since I lived here and I would really like to know how it got in. Yes, my windows are now open essentially 24/7, but that’s what the fly screens are for, no?

3 thoughts on “Public Service”

  1. Don’t geckos eat cockroaches and other nasties? I’d keep a whole bunch of them in my flat if cockroaches were a thing here.

    And with that, one of the largest flies I have ever seen just landed on the monitor screen. O.o

    The hunt is on!

    1. Funny thing: I knew you would say that! 😉

      Honestly, I’m not sure. A fully grown Japanese cockroach is bigger than the head of the geckos around here. Cockroach babies shouldn’t be a problem though – it’s a start…

      1. “A fully grown Japanese cockroach is bigger than the head of the geckos around here.” O.o

        I never saw the really large ones while there. I might have to rethink my travel plans for next year… >.>

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