What's up in Kyoto LogoIt is always hard to work on something that may or may not provide a benefit in the distant future, when there are other things to do which give instant gratification. But over the weekend, after what feels like an eternity of trial and error and small victories and big failures, I finally pushed the original plans for my business one step forward.

Surely, I mentioned my business website before: What’s up in Kyoto is to become a one-stop-shop for everything Kyoto related, and at its heart, there is an event calendar. Things took much, much longer than expected (for various reasons), but today, the event calendar finally went online! At the moment, it is still pretty empty, but I will spend the next days, weeks, months… entering all the events I hear about. Eventually, the idea is that anyone who knows about an event in Kyoto may enter it themselves. Of course, submissions will be reviewed before going live, but I hope that in the long run this will cut down on the research and data entry I have to do myself.

For this week, I have my work cut out for me already: Mostly, it’s entering current and future events into the calendar, but i also want to start basic pages on both twitter and facebook, as an additional means of advertising the service. Also, I’ll have to gather addresses of relevant customers: museums, galleries, theatres, etc. and write them letters and emails. I hope a friend of mine will help me with translating them into decent Japanese.

That’s for now. Later I want to extend the page to include popular sights, things like walking tours, shops, restaurants,… Let’s hope this will take less time to build than the event calendar. I will add a link or button to the right of this page so you can check in with “what’s up in Kyoto” more regularly.

3 thoughts on “Calendar”

  1. Looking good. 🙂 I like the design. (I like red a lot :D)
    Now I can keep up to date with all the things I am missing. :'(

    Not sure if you want feedback – if not, just disregard this please:
    1) Personally, I don’t like Times New Roman – I like the font that is used for the calender much better.
    2) If you ever work some more on the calendar: making it sortable by type (e.g. photography, nature, tour, etc.) would be cool. Maybe a list with boxes that can be checked and only those checked show up. (not sure how easy this is to implement)

    1. Thanks for the feedback – it’s always welcome!

      0) It’s hinomaru-red, actually 😉
      1) Should be fixed.
      2) Well… the calendar is a third party application, and there’s only so much customisation that I can do (or rather: have them do) and I focused on the input methods (which will be apparent later). So for now, I have to keep it like it is, but I am working on my own calendar in the background and yes, it will have these sorts of checkboxes.

      Not being able to produce a decent calendar on my own in a reasonable time was the “big failure” I talked about in the post. I hope I can get something going soon that fits my needs more closely.

      1. Not a failure, just a future goal 🙂 It’s better to take things slowly but do them properly the first time – it saves time (and ressources) in the end. 🙂

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