Fast Cars

The other day, I went to my favourite pizzeria for dinner. It’s a bit off the beaten tracks, but the food is excellent, and there is even a real Italian wood-fired pizza oven… Usually, the place is rather quiet, but that day there were already people sitting at the bar, having an animated conversation.

Gerhard Berger in 1991I have no idea how I got involved into it, probably because one of the guys wanted to show off his English. Our conversation went down a different road than usual though: Instead of double-checking whether I really didn’t come from down under, his first remark was: “Oh, then you know Gerhard Berger!” In general I answer these kind of questions in the negative: “There are 8 million Austrians, I have not been introduced to all of them, yet”, but of course, I know our famous Formula 1 racer! We went on to talk about Berger – retired now for 20 years – and how Ferrari is great and how much greater it would be to drive one instead just a Mercedes…

Funny how people start talking, isn’t it?


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    1. Yes, around 20 years ago. he has belonged with McLaren Honda.
      I met him at the press conference in Honda HQ, I have worked in Motorcycle publishing as a editor at that time.

      1. I had NO idea! The next time we meet, we really need to talk about that exciting life you once led 😉

          1. I also checked another on , F1 legend, Niki Lauda also Austrian. He got the title 3 times and have a lot of legend story.

  1. I can’t believe why you have not been introduced to Gerhard Berger!
    I met him twice, in Hockenheim and Spa Francorchamps back in 1994. I was working with the security staff there and had access to some restricted areas.

    By the way: He was driving Ferrari in ’94 and won the race in Hockenheim. I remember the engine sounds very well when standing beside the track: In those days the Ferrari engine had 12 cylinders whilst the Benetton Ford of Michael Schumacher had only 8, which resulted in very different engine sounds when they were driving behind one another. An experience I’ll never forget. Much better than on TV.

    1. I’m obviously the only one who never met Gerhard Berger… *envious*

      On the other hand, when I was 3 years old, I sat in the racing car of Niki Lauda in Spielberg… Or so my family tells me – not that a photo survived of that feat though (or any piece of my own memory).

      Oh well… I’m writing a blog. I’m famous on my own 😉

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