Runner Up

In the last few days I have been amusing myself with watching YouTube videos. Well, that’s nothing extraordinary, obviously, so let me be a bit more specific.

Just in case you missed it, the United States of America have a new president. And his motto in the election campaign was “America First”, and now that he’s actually in charge, this is what he is planning to do. So far so good, but you see, if America is first, the question is: Who is second?

Thank goodness the world has come quite far, so there will be no war about this, but rather an advertisement campaign targeting Donald Trump using short YouTube videos. The first video was made by the Dutch, then the idea was taken up by Germany, and since then, many European states have followed suit, as well as some from Africa and the Middle East. You can find all the videos that have been made so far on this website:

Of course, the whole thing is very tongue-in-cheek, with the video producers both making fun of Donald Trump (“You know Slovenia, the country where you bought your wife from…”) as well as their own politicians (“Our president Ahmadinejad, the inventor of the alternative fact…”). The Australians get the fastest laugh by starting their video with “This is a message from the government of Australia. Please don’t hang up.”

I would love to see more of these videos, some of them are really funny. The Brits are suspiciously absent so far, maybe their comedians have too much to do with the Brexit, that’s probably a full-time job. I would be very much surprised if the Japanese made a video though, it seems to me that their humour is not of the satirical kind, somehow. Anyway, here’s the video made by Austria, have fun!