The Chocolate

One of the things I still find slightly frustrating in Japan is that they do not share my idea of “sweets”. Whenever I think of “sweets” or “dessert”, it involves chocolate. Or at least ice cream. I guess this is part of my Austrian heritage? Admittedly, it is not nice to eat chocolate in summer when it is so hot that it melts halfway between your fingers and your mouth. But still…

1 bar of Meiji The ChocolateSo, imagine my delight when I found Meiji’s new brand The Chocolate. It is their first bean-to-bar chocolate as far as I know, and it comes in four different varieties, depending on the amount of cocoa. “Velvet Milk” with 49% cocoa is the one I like best. It indeed tastes very smooth and velvety although it is still darker than what I usually prefer. The price is a bit of an obstacle, with 220 YEN for 50 g more than two times as expensive as the red Meiji Hi Milk I usually have. But then again, a girl’s to indulge herself every now and then, no?

2 thoughts on “The Chocolate”

  1. Oh, that’s funny, my brain always parsed it as French: “Thé Chocolate”. And while tea chocolate sounded exotic, I didn’t really feel the urge to try that 😉

    1. Green tea chocolate is really good, especially if it is sweet. You may want to try it after all. In fact, green tea anything is really tasty… 😉

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