Bunka no Hi

Today is a national holiday in Japan: Bunka no Hi or Culture Day. It is meant to promote culture in general, in particular the arts, but also includes science. Since I have written about this before, I will simply share a nice culture related image by a Japanese artist.

The painting/calligraphy is by Bankei Yotaku, a 17th century Zen master of the Rinzai sect.

Calligraphy by Bankei Yotaku.

3 thoughts on “Bunka no Hi”

  1. and now the transcription, please. 😉

    草書 is so difficult to read… I can see a hiragana nu, and that’s about it…

    1. And here I thought that you studied ancient Japanese – I am already struggling with modern one… 😉

      Probably many Japanese would not be able to read this either. I once asked a Japanese lady about a calligraphy in a tearoom and she looked at me a bit sheepishly and said “ermm…”
      Well, I had been that far myself. lol!

  2. I was happy I made it past the Joyo kanji test (which back than included 1945 kanji and has since been scrapped from the curriculum – wusses ;)) in the BA…

    the MA would have continued with ancient Japanese… thanks, but no thanks 😉

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