Yesterday was National Holiday in Austria, which means that tomorrow there will be a party at the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo. And, since apparently there is a new embassador, I am invited too this year.

My plan is to go up to Tokyo tomorrow afternoon, then attend the party in the evening. I will stay overnight in a Toyoko Inn (since I am a member there and get a discount) and on Saturday I will visit the Science Museum near Tokyo station. Afterwards I’ll go to a nearby culture festival with a friend of mine, and in the evening I will go home again.

I was thinking of trying out the night bus for my return to Kyoto, but the last few days of each month are always very busy with work, so I cannot really afford to be sleepy and tired all Sunday. So, Shinkansen it is again. There is a discount ticket shop in my shopping mall nearby, and I finally dared to go there and buy the tickets instead of doing so at the station. The tickets were marginally cheaper than the original price, and they are valid for a return trip to Tokyo on any day before January 24th next year. I did not know you can buy tickets three months in advance, but now I finally understand why there are Shinkansen that are totally packed despite many seats coming with a reservation only.

It’s a pity that I have to leave Tokyo rather early – at 20:30 at the latest so I can catch the last bus to my place – but it’s okay. I have never been one to go to bars alone anyway, and my friend is not one of those girls either. Oh well, in any case I am expecting a nice weekend trip to Tokyo with lots of excellent (Austrian) food and I will report next week!

3 thoughts on “Party!”

  1. Would be fun, if they put a Japanese twist on the food… like sushi but instead of fish you get tiny Wiener Schnitzel… Miso soup with Fritatten… Spätzle with Curry… ;D

    Have fun!

    PS: Holy Cow! While looking for the name of the new ambassador, I saw that we finally have a Working Holiday agreement with Japan. o.O How did I not know this?!

    1. Hell no! Nice clean AUSTRIAN food only please! There’s no way to improve on that anyway!

      And it was practically perfect: Schwarzbrot mit Liptauer, Schweinsbraten mit Serviettenknoedeln, Apfelstrudel mit Schlagobers…

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