The importance of backups is usually underestimated, right up to the point where you need one. Today I have spent half afternoon with recreating a file that was accidentially overwritten with other contents. It was one of the files for work, and usually I keep such files in two places, plus the handwritten notes (yes, I still write longhand) are often not thrown out immediately.

stack of papersUnfortunately, the file was 3 months old and somehow was deleted in one spot and overwritten in another, my notes are probably already in the paper mill… So I had to start from scratch. At least I kept the illustrations so I could just reuse them, but still, it was a great loss of time and hence, money as well.

Oh well, I will go out now with a friend to celebrate our soroban success (he passed 2nd kyu). And I’ll probably raise my glass to the usefulness of backups as well…