Another Year

chocolate cakesLadies and Gents: Time for celebrations!

This morning I received my visa extension – I can stay another year in Japan!

To be honest, I had gotten a bit nervous already, but this time there was no need for extra paperwork. Obviously my lawyer knows exactly what to do, she’s worth every yen I spend on her!

I have celebrated the occasion with a truly Austrian meal: Brettljausn with Austrian rye bread, cheese and Leberkaese (huge thanks to the friend who brought it for me from Australia of all places), and gherkins and a boiled eggs and tomatoes… It was delicious!

So, I have another year in Japan, another year to get the company going and to prove worthy of the trust people put in me here. This one goes out to all my friends, whether here in Japan or overseas: Thank you for your support! You mean a lot to me!


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