Over Golden Week and in the days after I finally had time to finish my inventory list. During unpacking, I counted and listed everything I own with the exception of consumables. Whenever something new enters my home now, I update the list. For a single woman it’s not too bad I think, but there are certainly some rather interesting things that I forgot I had ever packed… Let’s have a look:

stack of colorful towelsAltogether, I own more than 3000 items, large and small. The top five categories are:

Clothing (538 items)
Kitchen utensils (432 items)
Books (378 items – and counting)
Jewelry (162 items)
CDs (91 items)

This must be the first time in my adult life that I own more clothes than books; but this is somewhat understandable since I gave away at least two-thirds of my library (and yes, I am still grieving…). I honestly did not know that I had that many kitchen utensils (including cutlery, dishes, etc.) because I don’t really cook that much. However, I definitely need my 41 tea spoons: I eat a lot of yoghurt and Nutella (bread really is optional here), so they are greatly valued. Running out of tea spoons is a sure sign that I need to do the dishes.

Taking a somewhat closer look at all the piles of things I own, I have a wide range of stuff from the normal to the somewhat interesting. For a woman I don’t think that 21 pairs of shoes are excessive, especially since they include everything from my 10-cm emergency high heels, to a pair of rain boots, and several pairs of flip-flops. 80 t-shirts only sounds a lot really, but there are also some with sentimental value I will never wear again, for example the one that says “I wü wieda ham…”, which is a bit complicated to explain.

Things where I should not have brought quite that many are summer pyjamas: 11 are definitely overkill in a country where even summer nights are above 30 degrees. And although girls like variety, I do not change my wallet every month… 24 cloth shopping bags and 85 clothes hangers will only come handy if I ever open my own shop; and why on earth I have 12 pairs of black pantyhose when I wear one at most once a year is beyond me.

And let’s not talk about the cowhide, shall we? I’m glad I brought the toy car that goes with it though. But that’s another complicated story…

5 thoughts on “Inventory”

  1. I also face same problems. Even try to less to less items.
    I know that I need 断捨離, but It is not easy to do.
    Less items then more space and simply life.
    I hope that, but, XD

    1. It is very hard to get rid of things and to simplify. I mean, your own things like clothing or books are relatively easy, but there are always sentimental items like old photographs, letters etc. Yes, you don’t strictly need any of them, but you can’t really toss them either…

  2. I should compare your numbers with the inventory of my niece! The result might be quite interesting!
    Concerning myself: After moving several times, from one city to another one, I decided to be a “minimalist”! I became a minimalist, before knowing that such a concept does exist. Since then, all my inventory can be packed in two big baggages and 1-2 rucksacks! I can transport them (somehow) easily from any city to another one! I pack the necessary things in two big baggages (and eventually, and 1-2 rucksacks), the remaining stuffs can be sold or thrown away! The most valuable thing that I have is actually my laptop! I don’t know exactly, but I certainly have more than 2000 books! However, they are all in pdf format!
    Anyway, ladies are different: They are very sentimental and romantic but I don’t want to be like that. One day, I will have to leave all of them for ever!

    1. Well, when I was still moving every two years, I also tried not to carry too many things – although I cannot compare with what you are able to do!

      Of course, it is very easy to be a minimalist if most of what you own is still stashed away at your parents’ place 😛

  3. Well, I have just one (medium sized) baggage at my parents’ place. These stuffs are not really important (such as a towel, …), I can easily throw them away. Actually, I keep them because I don’t want to carry them anytime that I visit my family.
    At the same time, you are partially right. As soon as I become stable somewhere (on the earth), I may start collecting more stuffs. However, I will try to stay a minimalist. As I said, “one day, I will have to leave all of them for ever!” 😉

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