Today, finally, the scaffolding was removed from the south side of my apartment building. I am genuinely thrilled of having my view back, and even more so, of not having to close my curtains during the day anymore to prevent being watched. Even though my curtains are lightweight, it got surprisingly dark in my apartment, something I really don’t like – I prefer bright rooms throughout, and a view, as I said.

It was very funny to watch when the scaffolding was removed from the building behind mine. Pretty much the moment a balcony was free, people came out with things to dry, with their laundry – and their futons. Futons need regular airing and/or drying because they may get moldy otherwise. This actually happened to a friend of mine who, after months of never turning the futons over had to throw them away… Another reason to put them away every day, although it’s not an exciting piece of housework.  Even though potential mold is not a pressing issue at the moment, since the humidity is hardly noticeable, it is nice to be able to put the futon in the sun for the first time in months.

Of course, on my quest to become more Japanese, I followed the model of my neighbours and put out my futon today. This gave me the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean my bedroom and get my summer clothes out as well. I am now fully prepared for whatever may come in the way of summer heat…