Visa Renewal

Apparently, it has been a whole year already since I went through the last visa procedure. The other day I received a reminder from my lawyer that we’ll need to start with the application again…

stack of papersHence, I have started collecting paperwork of my own, taking another mug shot for the new ID, and my accountant will have to produce some company documents, including my profit/loss statement. I am pretty much in the reds this year, which is not good for visa renewal, but my lawyer says that my visa will probably be renewed – for another year – regardless. I am a bit anxious about this, obviously, but I trust her; so far she has been right about everything.

She also remarked that I will have to give her both my passport and foreign ID during the application procedure, and again, the same helpless feeling from last year is creeping up my spine: “But how do I prove that I am me??” It’s totally irrational, obviously, but I’ll have to live with it.

3 thoughts on “Visa Renewal”

  1. Trust success to renew your visa to stay.
    Is every thing alright?
    Hope visit Kyoto and have an introduce Japanese traditional city by foreigner. XD
    Wish you all the best.

    1. Thank you Hitoshi!

      I am looking forward to seeing you again – please let me know when you’re coming to Kyoto!

  2. I hope that your visa will be renewed. I live similar story every year! I must bring a signed contract and lots of papers, ….

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