Renovations on the building are progressing.For some reason they do the noisy bits on Saturdays, during the week there’s only painting. This week was especially productive in this respect. For a day or two my south balcony was covered in a thick water-repellent layer – in bright blue. I’m glad it has been painted over in a more standard tone of grey. In any case, it now seems that the south side of the building is almost finished.

plastic cover of the staircaseThis means that the plastic coverings have been removed from my windows and were promptly reapplied onto the staircase; the stairwell is now being painted in several layers of particularly stinky paint. Especially Tuesday was bad when the smell entered my apartment from both sides. Nothing else to do than to seek exile again.

Some time next week the entrance doors will be painted, and I could even ask for the painting being done on the inside as well. Still, it seems that most of the things that are being done are strictly cosmetic and not really improving the substance of the building. But, since this is not my home…