Last Tuesday, the builders have started to erect the scaffolding around my house, the last one in the apartment block. I guess they will be finished with the south side by tomorrow afternoon and do the north side next week.

In view of such developments, I have pushed myself and finally bought curtains for the livingroom and kitchen. Since I live in the fifth floor, I did not feel any urgency as there are no other buildings that high nearby from where you can see inside my home – except that other building in my apartment block, but you’d have to stand on the opposite balcony to do that, which is not really inconspicuous, not even during the night. However, the scaffolding will permit lots of people to come over and have a look so to speak, so I decided to invest in some curtains for the last two windows that didn’t have any yet.

And with this, ladies and gents, I declare my kitchen to be fully functional! Not that it needed much beyond the appliances that I bought when I moved in… The furniture consists of the cheapest IKEA table and some folding chairs, everything else was built-in. The kitchen is relatively narrow, so I thought it would be best if I can put at least the chairs away when they are not in use, which is effectively most of the time since I hardly ever entertain. Here it is:

my kitchenTo my shame I have to admit that the counters are not always that clean and empty. I honestly hate doing dishes, so most of the time the sink is full with pots and pans and plates that are waiting for me to do some impulse cleaning – which happens as soon as I run out of something, mostly teaspoons.

My friend who visited after Christmas did comment on the relative emptiness of it all, she could not understand how I can live in a sterile environment like this, especially since she is one of those people who needs to have everything out in the open lest she forget about it. Well, I prefer to have things neatly put away. I have no use for dust catchers, especially not in the kitchen.

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    1. Well, you certainly heard about those “home stagings” where people go so far as to renovate their home before selling it? The photo is a little bit like this. 😉 I would not dream of publishing a photo of my desk in its current state…

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