I have read that the weather is very bad on the Atlantic coast of Europe. 19.000 Brits without electricity, waves that are phenomenal (up to 14 metres) and higher (no meteorological name for this apparently), and cancelled carnival parades in Germany… Hopefully it’s over soon. We also had a very cold and stormy day today here, but even so, it was not raining and the sky was bright blue, so I took a walk along the river.

People did not seem to bother, and even the construction work on our apartment block commenced without problems. Right now, they are building the scaffolding for the first house, and although I noticed that they were going quite slowly, they did not cease working all day.

Inside my apartment, again, the curtains were moving and even the sliding fusuma doors rattled. I guess I will never get used to that. On the positive side, this also means that I can paint in my living room without suffocating. I bought some cheap book shelves that need a coat of paint to fit the little bit… well, okay, to fit the one single piece of furniture that I currently have in my livingroom. I am planning to get this room finished and fully furnished, preferably before my anniversary of living here.