I have to admit that I’m rather proud of myself: I just made my self-imposed deadline with respect to paperwork:

  • Yesterday I finished preparing my tax return and I sent a very heavy letter with all sorts of documents off to Germany. I hope the effort was worth it and that I’ll get lots and lots of money back.
  • Today I completed my part of an international project with the other participants sitting in Europe and the US. There remain some smaller things to take care of, but the ball is in the US right now.
  • I also managed to send a Christmas parcel to a French friend of mine, which probably will just make it before the holidays. If not, well, it’s more of a New Year’s present anyway.
  • And, also today, I sent my final Christmas card to an Austrian friend of mine who for years already gets very special, and very handmade cards for this occasion. Since I now have all my craft supplies back, I can pick up this tradition of ours again.

So, there’s not much more to do until the New Year; the handful of Nengajo that I’m planning to write can wait. And even though it is not Sunday anymore, this is my plan for the rest of the day: sleeping kitten