As you know, I have received all my things from Europe – 42 boxes – a month ago. Today, I finally finished tidying and putting away and cleaning things! All my rooms are clean again, the things I don’t want out at this point are put away, and I even had some energy left to go through some of the paperwork I brought and which needed to be sorted.

What surprised me was that, with one exception, I will not need any new storage items. Although the apartment is small and the layout seems a bit unpractical, I could put away all of my things somewhere. Especially the kitchen cabinets proved to be quite large, there is even one which is still empty (okay, this one is so high that I can’t reach it anyway, but still). Some of the things I have no use for right now have been stored away in those large closets that are usually used for futons, but everything I need is accessible rightaway.

Interestingly, I have not regretted bringing anything, although I regret throwing so many things away in Germany. I should not have sold all my wine glasses or given away all my vases; and let’s not start talking about my hundreds of books that went to the library please…

High bookshelf in Vienna National LibraryThe books that remain are the only thing I have not touched yet. They fill six boxes that are piled in one corner of my living room, and I have not yet decided where to put them. I always wanted a large library, but this apartment does not lend itself to it. The only three walls that would be suitable for a room high bookshelf are in my bedroom and in my designated guest room, and just in case there is an earthquake, it’s probably better not to get buried under books. Hence, I have to find another solution. A friend of mine gave me an idea, but I’ll still have to see if this is feasible. In any case, until I become a real rich person who can afford a decent library in a decent place, I shall dream of – or shall I say: drool over – The Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination