red ivy leaves on a brick wallFinally, autumn has arrived. Although during the days we still have around 20 degrees, the nights are very cool. Today was the first time I felt cold when I opened my windows in the morning, and indeed, it was only around 10 degrees. It is still too warm for the koyo autumn colours, which are mainly made up of the momiji maple trees; but this last part of autumn will come soon. Usually it is towards mid or end of November, but this year it might be earlier, as the temperatures have not been that high all through the year.

In the weekend I finally went out to explore the part of Higashiyama that is east of my house. Unfortunately it is quite residential, and there are no nice shrines where I could just sit and write like there were near my old house. I have found a few small temples though which I will revisit in a few weeks to take pictures of the koyo. For today, you get only a single photo, which was taken not far from my house.