I have received word that my boxes containing all my belongings, which have been stored in Hamburg for more than two years now, have left Germany with destination Japan yesterday. The estimated date of arrival in Kobe port will be September 19. Adding another week or so for customs clearance (I hope everything will work out smoothly), I should receive all my belongings by the end of September.

I am quite excited about this, but also a bit worried. Now, my apartment is almost empty, which gives me lots of space, a good feeling – and hardly anything to clean. This will change drastically when I start unpacking. Finally, I will have all my things back, like my winter clothes and thick duvets, all my beloved books that I did not give away, but also a full set of cutlery and dishes, and all my cooking utensils.

But it also means that I will have to deal with all those things, will have to store them somewhere in my apartment which does not have that much storage space. How many new cupboards and shelves and other furniture will I need? How much of that wonderful empty space will be left once I have finally put everything away?

Yet another step to becoming an adult, I guess. Will I ever arrive at that place?