Time Off

Kyoto has become very hot the last week or so, with temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius during the day and some 25 in the night. It’s not as bad as it seems, I like it hot and although the humidity is unpleasant, I can survive with all my windows open and a light breeze going through the apartment.

So far the theory. Reality is a bit different though: These days I wake up just after 6 am because that’s the time when the cicadas wake up in the large trees outside my building. I have tried measuring their noise – they are almost as loud as a jackhammer! And when it finally becomes too hot even for them – somewhere around 10 in the morning – the real jackhammers that are used in the construction work on our parking lot are starting up. Which means, in my apartment without aircondition, I have the choice between suffocation due to the heat or madness due to the noise.

As I am not planning to succumb to either, I am taking a week off to visit my friend in Korea. Of course, it will be just as hot there, and there are also cicadas that are equally noisy; but at least her apartment in the 18th floor has properly closing windows to keep the noise out and aircondition…

Hence, there will be no posts next week. I mean, not that there can be anything interesting happening in Kyoto without me anyway… 😉 Please tune in again for my next post on Monday, August 10.

Have a nice summer too!