So far, I have not heard anything from my agent, so I don’t know whether I can get the keys on Wednesday or not. I am not usually a patient person, but as the worst thing that can happen is that my move is delayed over the weekend, I am surprisingly non-anxious.

I do keep myself busy though: Today I transferred the money for the apartment to the agent. It is quite a large sum, consisting of rent for the rest of February (they calculated the exact days I will live there) and March, 50% of one month’s rent as agent’s fee, as well as the deposit and the key money. It took me two attempts because online banking is a bit fickle here and requires everything to be absolutely precise, but as I did not get another failure notice, I believe the money has finally found an owner, the rightful one, I hope.

Also, I am busy packing. I have returned things I have borrowed from downstairs and started to sort through my belongings. It is funny how quickly things accumulate, but some stuff is easy to throw away, like socks with too many holes. On the other hand, I have already bought a few things that will come handy in my new apartment: a nice thick blanket, for example. Together with the sleeping bag I got from a previous guest, and the fact that it is a surprisingly warm winter, I should not get too cold until my stuff from Austria arrives.

Austria… It still has me in its clutches: Last week I received an email from my real estate agent there that there are problems with respect to the insurance for the old house. Now I need to take care of that as well. I just made a phone call and will send the requested email shortly, hopefully everything will be sorted out quickly.

For tomorrow, besides doing more packing, I am planning to visit a friend of mine. I am not moving that far away from here, but her place will not be in easy 10 min. walking distance any longer. She does not know that I have finally found something, but I know she’ll be as excited as I am.