I had a terrible day today. One of those where all you want to do is staying huddled up in bed and cry your eyes out. I guess we all have those days from time to time. I am not sure what triggered this, but I have been thinking about a certain person a lot lately (you might know who you are – if you were reading this), and I so needed a hug today… Sometimes it is not nice being single.

Anyway, in the late afternoon I dragged myself out of bed and even out of the house. At Yoshida shrine, which is virtually next door, there is currently the setsubun festival taking place, a kind of traditional New Year’s celebration that lasts three days. In any case, it is a matsuri, and there are lots of food stalls surrounding the shrine, and I yearned for some takoyaki.

On the spur of a moment I decided to get a palm reading. This is still very popular in Japan, many people have their palms read ever so often, and you can see a few palmistry stalls at almost every matsuri. There was this one stall that said “computer palm readings” and because it had an English sign and promised an English result as well, I gave it a try. Find below what my palm wants me to know today (and my comments to it).

Having an outstanding aesthetic sense, you distinguish yourself in the fine arts and related areas (blogging?). There is a side of you that is difficult for others to comprehend because you are a person that carries yourself in a unique fashion (just like everybody else…). At some point in time though you will be recognized (as what exactly?). It is important to have friends with whom you can discuss anything (and who are not living on the other side of the globe…) As regards your success, you may not be able to carry out your original intentions due to physical troubles (glad I wasn’t planning a second career as top athlete). You should be prudent and prepare carefully for success in the future (exactly what I’m trying to do right now).

Work and Money
You, who are skilled at giving aid to others, will surely progress smoothly to promotion (being self-employed helps, surely – choose your own title). In whatever happens you should not depend solely on your own talent, but also consult your bosses (?) In doing so your bosses will be pleased (which is a good thing) and you will be able to work without sacrificing yourself (do I detect a renunciation of the traditional Japanese art of karoshi?)

Love & Marriage
It is said that love is another consideration (if all else fails, get married). This is truly so in your case (thanks). It will become a point of worry for you (spot on). The string will become entwined, but will eventually become untangled (there’s always hope). Stay away from any marriage with a young student as it will be faced with ruin (no worries there, I always found the professors more interesting).


Take care to watch your blood pressure (okay). Your digestive organs are in good shape (unless I eat Kimchi), but you may have some trouble with your ears (it’s called tinnitus). As regards your diet, try to eat a lot of vegetables (do they grow them chocolate covered by now?). Beware of a traffic accident at an intersection (okay).

Computer palm reading printoutIt did the trick – it made me laugh. Especially the part about Love and Marriage, even though missing somebody to give me a hug right now still hurts a little. And when I came home I had received a nice email from a friend. Although just a chain letter, it had the message “somebody out there cares for you”, which is very much what I needed today. I’ll go off and send her a long message now…