It’s finally done and over: My house in Austria is sold. Well, in fact it was sold last year in June, but because of a notary who did not work quite as fast as he could have, because of some considerable back-and-forth that lasted about half a year, only now I was legally able to get the money. I then had to wait for some other assets of mine to be realised, and finally, this weekend I have transferred the whole amount to Japan.

Japanese currencyWith the exchange rate where it is right now and the fact that Japanese Yen have two more zeros than the Euro in general, I am feeling very rich right now. Very rich indeed, my account is showing millions right now. However, I’m still by far not rich enough to buy that house I have talked about a few weeks ago, but I think I can start dreaming of something. Right now, I prefer not to buy anyway, but maybe 5 years down the road…

However, had the whole transaction been finalised last week, I would have gotten even more money out of the transfer, but with the Euro essentially in free fall since the beginning of this year (thanks Angela!), I think I should be happy to have gained that much just by changing my Euro to Yen. Isn’t it interesting that when you already have a lot, you still crave for more?