It is slowly turning autumn here. Already several weeks ago I noticed that it would get dark earlier in the evening, by now I ride to my soroban class when the sun has completely set. That means that I have given up cycling along the river, it’s simply too dark down there.

Now is the right time to come to Japan though, the weather is very pleasant with up to 30 degrees during the day and bright sunshine and no rain. This is perfect weather to do sightseeing, as it is not too humid either; I can understand why people would prefer to visit here now instead of summer. It does cool down in the evenings quite a bit though, so I will not be able to wear my shorts much longer then, and I will probably have to start looking for a jacket.

Besides that, you don’t notice autumn much just yet. Only here and there leaves are turning yellow and bright red, but it’s by far not cold enough. And the koyo, the autumn colours, will only be at their height in November anyway. Instead, we did have some spectacular sunsets in the last weeks, I have seen people flocking to the river and taking photos there (not everybody lives in a great place like I do with perfect view on it). orange sunset