There have been heavy rains in several Japanese provinces, causing floodings and landslides. I have just read that in a large landslide in Hiroshima, at least 40 people were killed, and more than 50 are still unaccounted for.

In case you were reading these accounts: Kyoto has been fine so far. As I said last week, just up until the Daimonji, there were heavy rains. Apparently during the ceremony, people were not allowed to go down to the riverbank (which is a favourite spot for watching the big dai) because the river had partially overflown the banks of the Kamogawa and the current was indeed very strong. Besides that, I did not notice much effects of the bad weather in Kyoto. Here, it has been dry the whole week, and although there are still weather warnings in place, they are now in the North of Honshu and the South of Hokkaido, far from Kyoto.

So, don’t worry about me here in Kyoto – the summer has average temperatures and average precipitation here. Must be all the mountains that surround the city…