6th Kyu!

I’ve passed my first soroban exam!

I am from now on the proud bearer (owner?) of a 6th student’s (or 6th kyu) degree of soroban. I received my results yesterday, I scored multiplication/division/addition 130/140/150 points from a maximally possible 150 points each, and I needed 100 points per section to pass the exam. Together with the results I also received a little orange sticker bearing the 6th kyu, which many kids put on the side of their soroban.soroban results and book for 6th kyu

And now? Well, more of the same. I already bought a book with exercises for the 5th kyu level (the student or kyu levels are counted down, the highest one is thus 1st kyu; the next higher level would be first dan. Yes, it’s the same grading system as in many martial arts). The only difference now is the size of the numbers: Up to 4 digits for addition/subtraction and multiplication, up to 5 for division. According to my sensei, the 5th kyu level addition and subtraction is the one where the kids have most problems with – the allowed time stays the same, but if they calculate too fast, they make too many mistakes, and if they slow down, they do not make the cutoff of 10 correct answers… We will see how I will do. I think my sensei will only allow me to take the test if he’s sure I will pass it.

I know this may sound strange to people less nerdy than I am, but I really enjoy doing this!