Barack Obama has visited Japan for a couple of days, and, nothing much has happened. In truly political fashion, hands were shaken and bows made, places were visited and banquets held, and press conferences were given. In between, allegedly, there was even time for serious business talks, but, as I said, nothing much happened.

The trade treaty between Japan and the US is still at a standstill (I’m rather glad about this as I am not eager to eat American crap); the US has confirmed that they will still come to Japan’s aid should they be attacked by anyone (meaning: China, in case they stop their verbal threats and start doing something more serious about a couple of islands nobody except a handful of politicians really care about); and I’m sure some things were carefully kept under the rug they have been swept and not mentioned at all (Fukushima, Yasukuni…)

So, nothing much happened. Obama has today moved on to Korea and is probably already busy repeating the Japanese experience there. Nothing much happening nowhere where politicians are involved…