Today – January 6th is not a holiday here like in Austria – was the first working day in Japan again after the week long New Year’s holidays. It’s time for everybody to get back into the rut – and so it is for me. I have decided to start looking for a job even more aggressively than I did up to now, and I will go and print out a number of my CV’s to personally hand in at companies in town. There is one application I sent off in mid December, but according to their guidelines this is probably the last week I can except an answer from them, so I can just as well get started rightaway.

Wish me luck!

PS: Oh, by the way… Yesterday I went to Heian shrine, and in the spirit of both the country and the season, I was thinking of buying a good luck charm. I wanted something useful and asked if they had anything to do with finding a job or job related to begin with. The salesman pointed at the most expensive charm (of course), which bore the English description: Against general evil. Do you think that’s a sign?