My housemate invited me to (a slightly belated) Christmas dinner tonight. Because she’s French – and obviously missing French food – we went to a tiny creperie near Teramachi – only 6 seats.

The owner, chef, and only employee is a young Japanese man with an interesting story: When he was a child he knew that one day he would have his own business, his own shop. However, as adult he worked as flight attendant for airlines in Europe. He spent seven years in Great Britain (and speaks great English). Despite his job he still liked travelling and on one of his trips to Britanny he came across French crepes – and there it struck him: This is what I want to do! He spent several more vacations in Britanny to learn how to make (sweet) crepes and (hearty) galettes, gave up his job at the airline, and now owns this very little restaurant in Kyoto…

True story, true outcome – he seems to be very happy with what he’s doing, just like all the people who follow their dreams… Very inspiring!

2 thoughts on “Dinner”

  1. Yeah, inspiring! but, it depends on your dreams! sometimes, it is quite difficult to get touch with your dreams!
    and on this way, there are some “stupid” people who try to convince you that it is better (for you!) to change your mind and choose the way that they propose!!!

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