I already mentioned my addiction to chocolate at least twice, and I have – with a certain amount of shock – realized that at the moment I am eating a whole bar of chocolate (the size of a small “Milka”, that is about 100 g) per day. Not good. I mean it surely makes me feel good, especially as the weather forecast predicts “rain that periodically stops” for the whole next week, but I have the feeling that it may be a bit too much. I can almost see the weight I have lost with so much difficulty slowly creeping upwards on my thighs and hips again…

chocolate cakes

Hence, I’ll try a little experiment:
No chocolate throughout September.

Ouch, that sounds really terrible

I will allow myself – occasionally – things like hot chocolate, mostly because I don’t make it at home and there’s no decent cafe nearby so I’ll have to go downtown for this. I finished my whole not-so-secret stash of chocolate yesterday, with the exception of a “chocolate twist”, a sweet bun with maybe 2% of chocolate filling. I decided that’s allowed also as the amount of chocolate is so tiny, it’s probably less than a teaspoon full overall.

To battle the craving I have bought fruit instead. Unfortunately the Japanese view on fruit is one that demands absolute perfection, so it is really expensive. Most of it is even important, which inflates the prices even more. I may have to go to a real market instead of buying it in the supermarket if I want to have cheap fruit. However, my supermarket has a small shelf where fruit and vegetables that don’t look that perfect anymore are put and sold at a cheaper price. The choice is smaller of course, but there’s nothing wrong with slightly spotty bananas; in fact I think they taste better anyway. I’ll have to check out that shelf more often.

So far I did well. All day only a small craving during the study session (I had a kiwi and two bananas) and that was around lunch time too, so it’s okay. Right now however … I want my good night chocolate … so … badly …