Today it was raining most of the day, it seems that the rainy season has finally arrived. It came a bit later than usual, so far it has been fairly dry. Let’s hope it’s not getting too wet – I don’t enjoy going out when it rains…

Hence, I spent a very nice and very lazy day at home today. I revised my Japanese grammar and practiced Kanji. In between I was treated to the vocal exercises of the latest addition to the guest house: A young German who is practicing for his Noh-Dance performance the coming weekend. Noh is a traditional, highly stylised Japanese art form which developed in the 14th century and is still practised almost unchanged today. This includes the performances being done in Old Japanese, which many modern Japanese cannot speak anymore, so apparently many of the audience read along with the libretto – without actually looking at the stage. I will go and see some of the performances this weekend – it seems like something one has to do at least once. I shall report after the fact.

Oh, in a short pause of the downpour, I did go out for my groceries. And, this time I was able to locate unsalted butter in my local supermarket – and some (almost French) baguette too! So, to sweeten the terrible weather, I finally ate (too much) of my Nutella on an authentically tasting baguette with unsalted butter – the perfect treat for a lazy day!