Why do I find it so difficult to ask for help? No matter whether it’s big things, small things, close friends or simply colleagues, it’s virtually impossible for me to say “Can you help me with that please?”

When I am asked ta social network his question, however, I am usually delighted to help. There is a certain feeling of pride that people come to me and not anyone else and that they think I’m good enough in whatever to expect a positive result. There is always a big feeling of accomplishment when solving other people’s problems. Probably most people feel like that, no?

When I was a child I heard so often “Well, I can’t help you with that, you’ll have to do this on your own”. And in fact, most of the things that were important in my life somehow, I did on my own, without anybody to rely upon. However, this Japan thing is too big to handle alone, there are so many things that could go wrong without a helping hand here and there.

I have a list of people I know in Japan, and I have started writing to them, telling them my intentions and yes, asking for help. It’s a short list and still I know it will take me ages, but what better time to grow up than now?