Small Beginnings

This is the year when it will happen.

So long wished for, so long imagined.

No more.

No more wishful thinking, no more unfulfilled dreams, no more imaginary life.

Flags of Austria and Japan
From Austria to Japan

This year I will make it real.

I will move to Japan.


This year will bring the biggest change I have ever made. At this point, my future is uncertain. All that is certain are the things I will leave behind: My country, my friends, my career, in short: my life as I have lived it so far.

And for what?

For Japan.

What does that mean?

I don’t know. All I do know is that of all the countries I have lived in (5) and have visited (14), it calls to me the loudest. All of it – country, people, culture – and still nothing, because I have no words to describe what it is that pulls me in. It’s like a maelstrom I cannot fight, and as I have now decided to stop resisting, all I can hope is that it will not spit me out again.

This is my declaration.

These are my plans.

This is my journey.

It starts now.