Hello again from the social distance! 😉

I went out again today for shopping. My shopping center next door has closed all those parts that are not selling food and all the restaurants are closed as well. That leaves the basement floor, where at the cashiers there are lines tracked with green tape telling you the appropriate distance in which to line up. The cashiers also have to wear thick blue gloves like those that are usually used in food production. Besides that, things seem normal. There’s even some toilet paper again.

Unfortunately, Kyoto’s libraries are closed too until May 6 at least. This measure I don’t really understand. Sure, it’s best if people don’t go there to sit and read, but on the other hand, picking up books that were ordered online should not pose too much a risk for the staff? I was planning to read another one of Eiji Yoshikawa’s historical tomes (about Miyamoto Musashi), but I will have to postpone it.

A friend of mine was so kind to send me a whole stash of bath salts in different flavours. She said it’s important to relax and take it easy… I guess that’s exactly what I’m going to do now!

13 packs of bath salts

2 thoughts on “Soothing”

  1. Thank you for giving a first hand account of the situation in Kyoto. Here in Santiago de Compostela it is a complete shut down except for grocery and tobacco. It seems possible that starting Monday, April 27,people over 65 will be allowed to go for a walk an hour a day. Doctors are saying we are becoming feable by staying in-doors.

    1. I understand what you mean with “becoming feeble”. My hip is acting up due to inactivity, and I’m not much going out to begin with…

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