Bathroom TV

Within three days, two of my English students have shared their evening routine with me. And it is surprisingly similar: “First I have dinner, then I go have a bath, where I watch TV, and then I’m off to bed.” And I’m going: What do you mean – have a bath AND watch TV?

Bathtub with TV in front
Photo: SunGlassB on wikimedia commons.

Apparently, there is a sizeable number of Japanese homes that has a television installed in their bathrooms, so that people can watch TV while having their evening bath. Of course, both of my friends live in apartments or houses that are newer than my place, but still – a bathroom TV? Remember that in Japan, you are supposed to have a cleansing shower before entering the bathtub – which is usually quite small with not even enough place to stretch your legs. And still, there are people who take enough time in the tub to watch TV.

I don’t understand this. Wouldn’t that be the one time of the day (especially after a hard day) when you would want to have some peace and quiet? I don’t even understand having a radio in the bathroom, but some people find it practical, especially in the morning. How many of you have a TV or radio installed in their bathroom?