I’m back! I had wonderful two weeks of travelling in Europe. I went to see friends in Germany (and delivered the yukata – my friend liked my choice very much, thank goodness) and I spent a weekend in Berlin. It was my first time sightseeing there and it is an amazing city indeed. I also visited a number of old friends in Austria, and I have to say that while I had a great time altogether, I am also quite exhausted. I would be best to take a few days off now, thankfully yesterday was a holiday.

Of course, I also stocked up on Austrian goodies, mostly sweets, chocolate, and alcohol. My friends will get Mozartkugeln (of course) and special Austrian liqueur produced in my hometown. I hope they like it – Japanese alcohol is much weaker than the stuff we make in Austria.

Unfortunately, my shopping spree led to some unpleasantries on my way back. For the first time ever I travelled with two checked suitcases instead of one – and the smaller suitcase was promptly lost at Beijing airport, where I had to change planes… Thankfully, things were solved quickly and I received it this morning already. Interestingly, customs did not check the other suitcase as all – I should have bought cheese and sausages after all…