Time Off

It has cooled down considerably this week, the cicadas are all but quiet now, so I guess autumn is coming. Which means that it is the perfect time for a holiday of my own! This time I will go back to Europe for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends in both Austria and Germany.

I have been very busy this week to buy presents, even though I finally saw the light and purchased only Japanese sweets this time, which makes things much easier. However, in compensation, one of my close friends sent me on a shopping spree to buy him a decent, real yukata summer kimono after he had seen mine (which is very real, but not really decent for a woman my age). After spending a lot of time looking for something according to his specifications, I finally declared them unobservable and bought him a yukata I liked…

Anyway, I will be gone for two weeks and I will leave you without any posts for this time (not that anything interesting will happen in Kyoto while I’m gone anyway). Have a nice time, and tune in for my next post on September 20th.

One thought on “Time Off

  1. Hi Iris,
    Where will you be in Germany? Look forward to meet you (if possible).