Finally! After four months and a week, renovations are practically over. There are still some smaller things to be done in and outside of the building, but the main work is finished. Today, the last parts of the scaffolding were removed from the northern part of my apartment, which means that I have my view back! The first thing I did was to open up all the curtains and windows to again let in fresh air and, more importantly: light.

I’m glad it is over even though I found the experience interesting. As I suspected, nothing really important has been done, my water pipes are still as rusty as before for example. Also, I noticed that the rusty lamps on the parking lots were simply painted over without taking care of the rusty parts beforehand. I know that there is paint that allows that, but still… Then again, both my balconies received a water-proof coating, and I suspect that something similar has been done on the roof as well.

At least, everything went very smoothly and I felt well-informed about the procedures. All workers were very polite and courteous, from the two guys in charge of the whole renovations who took time out to personally repair my screen door, to the youngsters who were painting the hallway and had to get off their ladders every time I passed by.

I guess, for the next 10 years, I will have my peace and quiet in the mornings back again. Of course, not that I’m planning to stay quite as long in this place, but still, it’s good to know.