Gion Matsuri

gion matsuri gifGion Matsuri, probably the biggest party in Japan, is going on right now. Today is yoiyama, the night before the big parade with food stalls and music and fun throughout the inner city – and I didn’t go. I guess I’m getting old…

Or maybe it’s because I’m involved in the second half of the Gion Matsuri now myself, or because it really is so traditional that things don’t change anymore, or because I’d like to see a few things I didn’t so far and have to be careful with my work and free time…

However, I am planning to go to town tomorrow evening, when the shinko-sai is taking place and the gods of Yasaka Shrine will be moved to their temporary resting place in the Otabisho. I have an appointment nearby just before and if it is not raining, it will be fun to watch the people of the neighborhoods walking with the mikoshi and yelling “washoi” to spur each other on.

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