Home Improvement

In my apartment – except for the entrance and the bathroom area – there is only a single door. I mean, a normal, Western style door that swings open and that even the Japanese call “DOA”, as opposed to the Japanese style sliding doors made from paper, called fusuma. All my tatami rooms are equipped with fusuma, but between the hallway and the kitchen/livingroom, there is said one single door, that separates my office space from my private living space.

Although the house is well designed so that the sun does not directly shine into my office during the summer, it still becomes quite hot. Now is the time when I have all my windows open, but even so the airflow through my office is minimal. Only in the evening, around sunset, there is usually a stronger breeze that cools down the apartment a little.

However, that breeze is also strong enough to cause that one single door to bang shut, which gives me a shock every time it happens. And even if I put something on the floor to prevent the bang, the door still closes, leaving me to quietly suffocate. So, I have to get up regularly to open that door again, just so that it can bang shut again…

Yesterday I’ve finally had enough and decided to fix that problem once and for all. So, today I went to the home centre to look for a solution. I love browsing the home centre and imagining all the creative stuff that could be done with all their goods…

Anywaa door hooky, I found what I wanted, and after about 30 minutes of tool-less wrestling and wrangling, I had managed to install a little hook that is supposed to keep the door from banging shut again. I am extremely pleased with myself and right now, I am enjoying a nice, cool – and quiet – evening. Ah, what’s the next project going to be?

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