stack of papers from was a rainy day, and it was cloudy almost until sunset. So, I stayed home and did some paperwork: paperwork for Japan, for Austria, for Germany… Sometimes I think the one and only truly international thing is bureaucracy… I still have to make printouts of some supporting papers, but most of it is done, thank goodness. By the way, my preference of staying home when it rains seems to be not only my own: My housemate, who was teaching English here for a number of years, said that there always were significantly more cancellations of classes on rainy days.

Anyway, today’s weather was much nicer, and I walked to my favourite cafe in town to get some writing done (this post, for example). On the way there along the river I noticed that the rain was exactly what the cherry trees had needed: So many of them that still looked totally barren only on Friday are now full with lovely white blossoms. The peak is said to be next week… Already, the city is full of Japanese with cameras or at least smartphones, running from one tree to the next exclaiming kirei – pretty and snapping pictures. Oh, the joys of Spring…

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